Inside the dark chambers of the vile mastermind, Sinisterlex.



A 6′ x 8′ sound resistant WhisperRoom with multiple silent ventilation systems is where I create. It’s completely distraction free, and creates a mental separation that makes switching into artist mode as simple as closing a door. Once inside, a new world awakens from the darkest depths of the inner mind.


The chamber inside is filled with sound absorbing foam to collapse annoying echoes and other noises. It creates a zone of silence that allows the free flow of cerebral ideas from mind to screen with minimal distraction.


The multi-colored ambient LED lighting system sets the mood for creating stories in different voices and styles. This helps switch modal states like stepping from a closet into Narnia. Each row of LED lights operates separately and can be dimmed or brightened to tap into a variety of personalities.


Next to my desk is a small library of books including a dictionary and thesaurus to help me discover new ways to communicate your message in your brand voice and style.

I also keep a collection of more exclusive texts, some of which are banned in a number of countries due to the intimate nature of the knowledge held inside.