I’m a Super Villain with an Evil Empire who helps future Villains escape corporate prison & build Evil Empires too.


• 2010 – Started from scratch. No help. No mentors. No nothing.
• 2011 – Quit job with a few thousand and no real plan. Failed hard.
• 2011 – Ran out of cash. Homeless. Moved in w/ GF’s parents.
• 2011 – Crafted 5-year evil vision & master plan. Executed
• 2012 – Legally changed full name to be called Lex DeVille
• 2013 – Self-taught to write. Started publishing romance short stories
• 2014 – Launched a publishing company that grew fast and exploded
• 2015 – Started freelancing on Odesk (now Upwork) as a copywriter
• 2015 – Grew to $1k/wk in the first month & earned $100/hr clients
• 2015 – Showed peepz how I did it for free and met lots of cool cronies
• 2016 – Became a copywriting Super Villain “expert” overnight
• 2017 – Deleted my Upwork account & started over from scratch
• 2017 – Built another full-time freelance income in a month to prove it could be done

The quick & the dirty…

SinisterLex is a Super Villain entrepreneur, copywriter, freelancer and any other label you wanna slap on him. He’s a self-made non-millionaire who actually doesn’t give a sh*t if you follow his every word. He hasn’t worked a job in years, earns full-time income from home, and spends more time being valuable than getting paid. He’s happy to have you along for the ride, but only if you wanna be here. He’s passionate and emotional, and doesn’t care if he offends you. If that’s a problem…bye.



You may be new to my site, so I wanna take this chance to reach deep inside your soul and give you a sinister greeting you won’t soon forget.

My Minions, Heathens, and tribe are NOT LIKE MOST. We are not victims or whiners. We are not entitled or delusional. Here we’re entrepreneurs and self-made scoundrels and it doesn’t matter if you work a full-time job or fly solo.


SinisterLex and his army of henchmen, cronies, and disciples do not beg or ask for handouts. We are not time wasters. We are men and women of action, lateral and exponential thinkers who bring our dreams to life through sheer force of will. When the world tries to hold us back or stand in our path, we find another way.

Here we are villains. Passionate and emotional, logical and rational, and of course, completely inF*CKINGsane. And we operate within established systems because that’s the easiest way to keep your crazy ass out of jail. Plus SinisterLex and everyone associated with him is not responsible for you or your personal actions.


• Victims of society who blame everyone else for their problems
• Whiners who don’t step up and take action to solve their problems
• Morons who break laws & show blatant disregard for the law
• Anyone who spams our emails and/or asks for money or handouts
• Anyone who doesn’t want to be here or gets offended by my words
• Anyone who thinks they know it all when the fact is that they don’t
• Anyone who doesn’t believe in creating value for other people
• Anyone who blindly believes their view is the only view
• Anyone who imposes their view on other people (only I can do that)



Where does SinisterLex coach his Heathens from?


SL's lair is a secret soundproof room locked away deep inside another room inside an inconspicuous home in the heart of Oklahoma City.


What are 3 INSANE things SinisterLex owns?


SinisterLex owns his own Body Opponent Bag for sparring, stripper pole for sexy time, and a body transport (coffin) in case of dire emergencies.


WTF does SinisterLex need item #3 from Q2 for?!


SL is a cryonicist. The coffin is to move his dead body to Michigan for cryopreservation if his standby team is too slow w/ the chopper. (not joking)


SinisterLex is a Business & Copywriting Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Personality Profiler who’s taught 1000’s to write for pay and inspired hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to take action and get results. He tried and failed multiple online businesses including a publishing platform that grew too fast and exploded, before diving into copywriting and earning his first $100/hr client in a month. Today SinisterLex writes for multi-millionaires, Fortune 500 companies, and even startups who got deals on Shark Tank. The rest of the time he plays host to an army of Heathens hell bent on world domination.