How did such a sinister underworld come to exist?


I write copy for crazies, consult for consiglieres and privately coach ambitious young minions in the near-criminal arts of written persuasion, NLP, and subliminal mind control. I help those who help themselves, and wholeheartedly pursue dreams of passion, freedom, and entrepreneurship. Oh, and I never suppress my dark side in favor of the light.

Digital marketing wasn’t always my path. In fact, it’s not really my path now. If anything, I’m a storyteller. I don’t care about direct response or what the gurus teach. I care about Neuroscience and Psychology. I care about empathy and connection. I care about life and living and affecting change in those around me.

Some of my more passionate pursuits include the study of influence and persuasion, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy, storytelling, memory recall, personality profiling, business, and indefinite life-extension. If you like those things, we’ll probably get along.

Some places I’ve been featured include: The Fastlane Forum, Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends, Military Spouse, Next Gen Mil Spouse, The Joplin Globe, iNLP Center and other local media outlets.