I help life sentence inmates escape
corporate prison, build evil empires
and live however the fuck you want.

The world’s shat on you long enough. Damned you to life in corporate prison. Trade time for pennies. Slowly rot away until you die. But not anymore. Welcome Minion. I’m SinisterLex, the Super Villain Entrepreneur just crazy enough to help you escape your shitty cell so you can build your Evil Empire and live however the fuck you want.

This is your life, *probably.*

You’re 20 to 50 something staring out the window (if you even have one) wondering where those people out there go while you’re shackled to that desk. Imagine what it must be like to walk across that parking lot. Sun on your face. Cool breeze. The smell of fresh asphalt and then .. you just get in your car and drive off. Wouldn’t that be nice? But you’re sentenced to life behind invisible bars. Eight hours of hard labor five days a week to pay for gas for next week. Day by day your life slips away and time is running out. See? I made you a picture ..

Fuck that.

You got a life to live. Shit to accomplish. Booze to drink. Family and friends and kids and cars and everything you want and nothing you don’t. You dream of an Evil Empire. Whether it’s massive or just enough .. but that dream stays locked away as long as you do.

The day I realized it was the day I escaped my zombie job collecting medical debts from poor Joplin tornado victims, and set out on my own to bring my Evil Empire to life. And you know what happened next? I’ll tell you here ..

I don’t know what you want from life.

But I know this. You won’t get it where you are. It’s NOT coming to you. No guards delivering apple pie ala mode in jail. They say you’re free at 65. Go live your dream. Bullshit. By then it’s too late. There’s only one chance to escape corporate prison and build your legacy. It’s right now, and if you’re serious, you’ll need help. Think about it, then use your next moral call to connect with me.

quick Q

Why aren't there any buttons to your programs and services SinisterLex?


Because I only share those with people I know, like, and trust.

oh yeah? so ..

SinisterLex, who do you know, like, and trust? I must know ..
Tell me!


The Minions and Heathens who are part of my Super Villain Underworld. >)

ah and ..

How do I get access to SinisterLex's Super Villain Underworld?


Just knock on the door.
But there's no turning back.

knock knock