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Well hello there. You’ve reached the shadowy sinews of the despicable SinisterLex (that’s me). Freelance coach. Copywriter. Evildoer. I’m on a not-so-secret mission to help people like you earn your first $1k, $5k, or even $10k+ per month online. Also world domination — that’s on my to-do list too…


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There’s some things you can’t buy on Amazon no matter how bad you want to. Sometimes you gotta crawl dark alleys and meet shady people.


You’re here because you followed a link somewhere, or you searched out my name. Maybe a friend recommended my site. The point is, you’re here. But should you stick around? Good question. Before you go flappy birding around my pages, you should know I’m not for everyone. Most people can’t handle me. If you are someone who can’t stand people who give it to you straight and say what they mean, or if you can’t stand people who express their thoughts indirectly, subliminally, or through metaphors and stories, then this site probably isn’t for you. I won’t hold it against you if you pull the eject cord now.

Whatever you do…
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